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GRITIT provide business critical gritting and snow clearance services in the commercial and public sector. As a property owner, manager or tenant, keeping informed about upcoming freezing weather conditions or forecast snow is imperative to keeping your site safe and functional for all users, whether you are an office park, retail park, hospital or school. The GRITIT app harnesses the power of mobile to keep you completely up-to-date and informed about the weather and any gritting and snow clearance services on your site.Key Features:- Use of device badge app and device notifications- General weather information by site - Available opt-in notifications - Pre-Service - Daily Service - Post-Service- Real-time issue notifications- Compact and easy to read format- Drill down capability to see more detailed info per site- Search and filtering ability by job type, site, date, activations etc..- Fully secure with per user validation- Message notifications for weather updates or alerts- Direct contact through the app- Easily request additional service